Rosabella Beauty ~ Ever After High Doll Review

Long story short, Rosabella is here today and Kizuna isn’t.

Long story… not made short… The tracking on Rosabella originally had her scheduled to be here on Friday. Then it updated and said Saturday. Imagine my surprise when she was delivered today!! Awesome! On another note, My Smart Doll, Kizuna, had a delivery attempt today, and I now have to wait until I get a free moment tomorrow to go get her. At least she’s here….

Okay, sorry. Let’s get to Rosabella and her Beauty, because she really is a BEAUTIFUL doll!
Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella Beauty
Rosabella has a BEAUTIFUL face with deep brown eyes, red lips, and purple and grey eyeshadow. She has dark brown eyebrows.

Rosabella Beauty
Her hair is pulled to her right and banded down with her headband’s rubber band. Rosabella has this amazing facial structure. No “pancake” face here….

Rosabella Beauty
R.B. wears matching golden earrings. The earrings have a rose and umm… a dangle? I’m assuming the top of the earring is a decorative piece.

Rosabella Beauty
Her hair is a beautiful chocolate brown with pink streaks. It is VERY nice, soft, and slightly curly.

Rosabella Beauty
Her headband is golden with roses. I actually like this as opposed to a painted accessory. I think she and Briar could easily share accessories.

Rosabella Beauty
Rosabella’s hair is pulled back underneath her headband.

Rosabella BeautyRosabella BeautyRosabella Beauty
Rosabella comes with these dark brown glasses. She doesn’t wear them in the box, which is great news to those collectors that are sensitive to the printing of their doll’s eyes.

Rosabella BeautyRosabella Beauty
The dress is all one piece. The dress contains elbow-length sleeves, a brown fluffy/fur collar, a yellow insert, and a two-layered skirt. The bottom skirt is plain yellow, the top is a sheer layer printed with golden roses.

Rosabella Beauty
It is easier to see here that the fur layer, the dress, and the yellow insert are all one layer.

Rosabella Beauty
HERE IS THE BELT!! We were all so worried about whether she would come with this little thing. It’s amazing how a small piece of plastic makes me so happy! The belt is this strange green color with red painted roses. THANK YOU MATTEL!

Rosabella Beauty
In keeping with this wave’s female signature dolls, Rosabella has a ring/bracelet set in gold, but she wears hers on her right hand (unlike Faybelle and Darling). I can make out a rose and leaves? I think? And then there is the chain and the bracelet.

Rosabella Beauty
Her brown boots look like they are furry with bands that go across. The top roses on each boot are painted red.

Rosabella Beauty
Rosabella Beauty is a cousin to the existing character Briar Beauty. The Briar doll has a slightly darker skintone than her cousin, but they are both darker than “the fairest of them all”

Rosabella BeautyRosabella Beauty
In comparing skintones, I think Rosabella matches with Darling very closely. I’ve also included a photo of her next to Cerise (the diaries bookmark indicates that they are friends). I included this comparison to Cerise in the event that you are interested in Rosabella, but don’t yet have Darling.

Rosabella BeautyRosabella Beauty
Rosabella’s box indicates that she is the daughter of “Beauty & THe Beast.” The back of the box indicates several things about her personality. She likes standing up for beasts and all creatures. She has this amazing ability to see through a person to see who they are (but the diaries make it seem that she is really just seeing their emotions).

And that’s Rosabella! (Whoops! I forgot to photograph her bag! She carries a golden purse that looks almost like a book. It has a painted rose on the front at the latch)

I am a little shocked at home much I ADORE this doll! She is just so beautiful! Rosabella (and Faybelle) were the two dolls I wasn’t sure of. I hadn’t seen these two at Toy Fair and were a little nervous about their release. I think Faybelle and Rosabella are the big winners of this wave! Bunny, Alistar, and Darling are all cute, but honestly, I’m torn between Rosabella and Faybelle for top favorites of this wave.

What do you think? Is Rosabella the Beauty of your collection? I don’t think she’ll be a Beast to find. :)

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8 thoughts on “Rosabella Beauty ~ Ever After High Doll Review”

  1. Rosabella is really beautiful. I’m glad she has her jewellery & belt back. I also like how she’s similar to Briar, yet also unique in her own way. I’m looking forward to future releases of her, both in more simple fashions & elaborate gowns.

    I might be wrong, but her earrings look like chandeliers or candelabras to me. Great review, btw. :)

  2. I think that her earrings are little candelabra above the roses…. if you look close, you can see the candles with the little flames.

  3. Thanks for the up close look! I love her facial structure as well and love that she has a more defined chin, giving it an angular appearance. I also really like the shape of her mouth and smile as she just looks so happy. I can’t wait to add her to my collection as well. :)

  4. Her face makes her a necessity in my eyes. I love her accessories and hair. I originally was going to skip this one but now I want two! One to pose and one to custom!

  5. I’m really disappointed because Rosabella doesn’t look like Briar at all. I love Briar’s slightly smaller eyes and “flat” face, but her cousin doesn’t share it. Too bad. I love the classic round face with thin lips the early EAH dolls had. Now they’re starting to look like MH.

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