SDCC Thursday Reveals

I had to work yesterday, so I wasn’t able to post the action as it was happening. Check out all of the great reveals that Thursday had to offer:

Facebook Reveal: Who’s the bewitching rock star rumored to be performing at Monster High this Halloween? Creep back later today to find out!
Twitter: A new reveal is coming your way that’s going to conjure up some major buzz at ! Instagram: Will this mystery #rockstar perform at #MonsterHigh? Fright back soon to find out! #SDCC2014 #Bewitching

Facebook:Casta Fierce is beyond ready to rock Monster High this Halloween!
witter:Today’s spirited reveal is , daughter of Circe! Find out more here: Instagram: Meet #CastaFierce, the #rockstar headed to #MonsterHigh for a once in a lifetime performance this Halloween! #SDCC2014


Garrett Sander (creator) posted this photo shortly after on Instagram:
Casta is putting her spell on all the monster high fans at sdcc today!!! #casta #castafierce #monsterhigh #sdcc2014 #reveal

Facebook:There’s only one place to find Casta Fierce today and that’s at San Diego Comic-Con! #SDCC2014
Twitter: We won’t let bite the dust without sharing more pics!
Instagram: The monsterazzi are all over today’s #CastaFierce photo op at #SDCC2014!

Garrett Sander then posted this bewitching photo to his instagram:

10540314_777345992297351_1108398438_nCome fang out with #Casta at the Mattel booth 3029!! #castafierce #monsterhigh #sdcc2014 #shellputaspellonyou

I got a few photos from my friend that is at the convention. Nothing new EAH was released, but here is Miss Lizzie Hearts in all of her glory:

Toot’s Toys is expecting their shipment of Lizzie Hearts dolls any day now. I CAN’T WAIT!

I am so hoping that I can add this beauty to my collection!

thebestlaurenmontgomery posted on her tumblr:
“My first box art! I’m super excited I got to do the character art for the Cerise Wolf Ever After High Comic-Con Exclusive! They gave it the royal packaging treatment as is the norm for comic con exclusives and it looks amazing. My name is on the box all fancy and everything. They even made a huge standee of it for the con floor. It’s taller than me, but I’m pretty short.”
How exciting?! Here are the photos that accompanied her joy:

Beyond that, EAH news from SDCC has been slow. We saw Lizzie (yay!) nothing much else. I was interested in this little tidbit of news, though:
Dear Mattel, Am I reading this correctly? Did your EAH exclusive sell out before your MH one? What does this tell you?????
If I am to interpret that correctly, the EAH exclusive sold out before the MH one did? That makes me feel much better about the future of EAH at Comic Con. (They had both sold out by the time my friend got to the booth. Here’s hoping Friday is a different story!)

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