So how large is a 17-inch doll?

I’ve got TONS of great photos from the Mattel showroom showing you up close details of all of the dolls: their makeup, their shoes, their outfits. All the close-up detail you are used to seeing from a review, just from the showroom models. We’ve still got more photos to edit and more booths to visit, but I wanted to show you just how large a 17-inch doll really is.


This is Gooliope. She is the “daughter of the Blob” or so the representative told me. She is the new character doll for the Freak du Chic line that will be coming out this fall. She is 17-inches and is part of the new larger doll push that Mattel is doing for fall. I got the exclusive look at how large 17-inches really is.

(Please excuse my hands, all the stands are glued down, so we couldn’t actually use a stand to show this scale). This doll is Astra Nova, and she is on the regular MH body size. (I’ll have more photos of her later. She is the daughter of the Comet King)

_DSC0460 _DSC0463

So whoa! That doll is huge! There will be four dolls that come out in this size, Gooliope, Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen. The last three will all be in their signature outfits. I’ve got great photos of them and their new joints coming up soon. The current plans are for those four dolls to hit shelves and if they sell well, more dolls could come out in that size. The representative said that the three core characters in their signature outfits have always been top sellers, so they wanted to start the experiment with them. If you want more 17-inch scale dolls, you’ll need to make sure these fly off of store shelves.

Gooliope will retail for $29.99 and should be hitting shelves for the fall line up. (That really means we should be seeing her late July-ish).

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11 thoughts on “So how large is a 17-inch doll?”

  1. Wow, only $29.99? That’s a lot more reasonable than I expected! I still don’t need the others, but I will get Gooliope. Now if they made a 17″ Cleo, I’d be in, but I’ve got several 16″ dolls and yeah, they take up a lot of space.

    Looking forward to more!

  2. She’s amazing… and given how popular the whole MH customizing / BJD scene is, I would definitely expect the 17″ line to fly off the shelves, especially Draculaura. :)

  3. The price point is indeed good, however I hope they would make large dolls with insert eyes and eyelashes, which probably would be aimed more for the adult collector, as well making customizable/CAM large dolls. That would be neat^^!

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