Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Abbey

A Spanish-speaking Facebook page leaked Target has posted these photos of Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Abbey. Check them out: 

10426895_528386193957856_7923571158552879419_n (1) 10516681_528386263957849_7453961519980754203_n 10336671_528386223957853_1850617102634262377_n 10352142_528386240624518_6865515126037964054_n10462574_528386253957850_583182249159735862_n  10338246_528386283957847_8352394412942870592_n 10306735_528386267291182_8368053487850982457_n   10426895_528389073957568_8693542023315961903_n 1525057_528389353957540_6338925093419887271_n10453334_528389143957561_781117402001019412_n 10420104_528389087290900_2991317886219297615_n 10460451_528389090624233_3752888273799475848_n 10482496_528389107290898_4577122509511004661_n 10343490_528389047290904_4255549747057189926_n 10455317_528389140624228_4310981157888667844_n 10464376_528389110624231_2133581010045533731_n


What do you think? I can’t wait for another Ghoulia! About time! I think she look lovely! And her little gummy bear purse is adorable!


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Abbey”

  1. I LOVE Ghoulia!
    Shame I don’t collect Monster High. The recent dolls have made me consider changing my mind, but Ever After High takes all of the money I allow myself to use for dolls ;D
    I have mixed feelings about Abbey. I love her clothes and hair (though her hair looks very un-Abbey), but that face up just ruins it for me.

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