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Thronecoming Apple White doll review

I chose Apple White to review next, because I thought it would be nice to keep the Royals together.
Thronecoming Apple White
Apple White is such a breath-taking doll. Check out more: Continue reading

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Thronecoming Dolls in Box photos from Time to Play Mag!

I’m having little girl fits over here! Time to Play Mag has posted in-box photos of the Ever After High Thronecoming dolls on their instagram! Look how beautiful they are!! So far it is only Apple and Raven, but I’m in love!

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! And a nice little crafting afternoon!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter (if you celebrate) and a Happy Spring!

I had so much fun this afternoon making these little bunny ears that I couldn’t stop there! I made bear ears, wolf ears, kitty ears, and froggie ears! Check out more  Continue reading

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Hat-tastic Spa and Play Day!

The Hat-tastic dolls (and their hair) needed some love. While they were drying, some of the other dolls jumped off of the shelf to try on the new outfits!

I’ve had a few requests for photos through social media, so I will be posting them here as well.
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Hat-tastic Apple White – doll review

Last but certainly not least in my line-up of Hat-tastic dolls is the Apple White doll! She is my favorite, so I forced myself to open her last! Here’s a spoiler alert: I absolutely love everything about Apple. I love all of her dolls, her character, everything! So if I am gushing, forgive me.

Hat-tastic Apple White
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