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New Epic Winter Dolls – Thanks to Toots Toys!

We’ve got some new images of the ACTUAL Epic Winter dolls, not promo photos, not catalogue photos, the actual in-hand dolls shipped to retailers. Check them out! What do you think? You know I’m getting that Blondie :)

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Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella Review

When I heard that Mattel was doing a Wave 2 of Legacy Day, I was most excited about the Ashlynn Ella doll. When promotional pictures came out, I was so disappointed.

Seriously? Look at that dress!
Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella
This was my face when I saw the first images of the doll:

Nevertheless, I was still excited to get another Ashlynn doll. I could get more Ashlynn without having to rehome all of those Hunter dolls. When Toot’s Toys had Ashlynn and the other Legacy Day Wave 2 dolls up, I jumped at the chance to own another Ashlynn. While she may not be the doll I wanted, she is still very beautiful. Check out my full review:

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Amazon lists Legacy Day Wave 2

Amazon has listings for Ashlynn Ella, Cerise Hood, and Madeline Hatter in their Legacy Day outfits. Check out the photos below!! Continue reading

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Legacy Day Wave 2 ~ Ashlynn, Maddie, and Cerise

My friend, joey from the MH Arena received these dolls in the mail today. He pre-ordered them from amazon.ca and they suprisingly arrived today! He says “I’m an nib collector so I can’t really compare them by touch. I think they’re great and Maddie is probably my favourite!” He did snap a few photos for me, and he has agreed to give us the first look! Check them out: Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! And a nice little crafting afternoon!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter (if you celebrate) and a Happy Spring!

I had so much fun this afternoon making these little bunny ears that I couldn’t stop there! I made bear ears, wolf ears, kitty ears, and froggie ears! Check out more  Continue reading

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