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A most beautiful Spring day!

Today was such a beautiful Spring Day! I spent most of the morning on my balcony taking MH and EAH doll photos! I’ll post them after the cut.

But first! My Target has gotten a new shipment of Royals in, and the new Blondie with the different styled bangs has appeared!
3 Blondie Lockes
In the middle is the older-style triangular bangs, and on the outsides are the new bangs. What do you think? Which do you prefer? I’m trying to convince myself that I do not need this newer version. Blondie Lockes is my favorite doll and I feel the need to buy them all….

Okay, here are the photos I mentioned earlier:
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Ever After High Thronecoming ~ Blondie Lockes

Blondie 2 Blondie Lockes

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My Re-roots ~ Ever After High dolls

I love re-rooting dolls! There are so many options when it comes to dolly hair color that I can’t help myself! Check out some of my recent reroots:

Ever After High Blondie Lockes – rehaired in Dollyhair “Forget Me Not” with highlights of “Water Nixie” and “Daiquari Ice.”
Blondie Blue Square

Ever After High – custom original character – Phoebe Nix (daughter of the phoenix) made from an EAH Cupid doll – rehaired in dollyhair Cherry Pie
Phoebe Square

Ever After High – Apple White – rehaired in Retro Dolls US “black synthetic”Black Haired Apple

I’m also available for commissions if you’ve got an idea for a custom doll! Let me know if you are interested, and we can work something out!


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