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Bonita Femur – Freaky Fusion – Monster High doll review

The Freaky Fusion Hybrids are popping up at Toys R Us stores all over and I had to grab a set! I wasn’t excited for these dolls until I saw owner photos popping up on tumblr. I’ve been checking my TRU daily, and they were there this morning! I’ll break these reviews up by doll so that each post isn’t massive. My first pick is Bonita Femur ~ the daughter of the Mothman (Father) and the Skeleton (Mother).

Bonita Femur
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Freaky Fusion Hybrids dolls

Our friends over at Toot’s Toys sent us these images of the new Freaky Fusion characters in their boxes. I’ve chose to wait on these (I need something to hunt for this summer, right?) But I wanted to bring these photos straight to you, so:  Continue reading

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