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New Epic Winter Dolls – Thanks to Toots Toys!

We’ve got some new images of the ACTUAL Epic Winter dolls, not promo photos, not catalogue photos, the actual in-hand dolls shipped to retailers. Check them out! What do you think? You know I’m getting that Blondie :)

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Thronecoming Briar Beauty Playset

I had full intentions of photographing each little piece of this playset for you to see. That didn’t happen. I started out with this goal in mind, but ended up having way too much fun just playing with the pieces and the Briar doll. I can totally see where little girls are going to LOVE this! I can only imagine what it would have been like to have this when I was a little girl. All of the accessories and the doll pack up into a book that you can take with you everywhere. Going to Grandma’s? Grab the book! Long car ride? Grab the book! Just need a day in your room? Grab the book!

Here are some photos that did survive, and I hope you can see how much fun I had! Continue reading

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Thronecoming Briar Beauty Doll

Amazon put the Thronecoming Briar Beauty doll and playset up for sale yesterday for $50. My husband recently purchased Amazon Prime for our household, so she was in my hands this afternoon! I will review the doll separately from the playset. (I’ve still got to figure out the best way to photograph this massive playset!)
Thronecoming Briar Beauty
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Briar Beauty Thronecoming Doll and Playset

The Instagram account for Time to Play Mag has posted images of the Thronecoming Briar doll and playset in its box.  What do you think? Are you excited for this set?

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! And a nice little crafting afternoon!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter (if you celebrate) and a Happy Spring!

I had so much fun this afternoon making these little bunny ears that I couldn’t stop there! I made bear ears, wolf ears, kitty ears, and froggie ears! Check out more  Continue reading

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