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Toy Fair 2018 – Celestial Buddies Update

In 2016 we brought you information about Celestial Buddies and this year we bring you even more. The Celestial Buddies have released their press kit for Toy Fair 2018 and there is some new plushies for 2018.

From their press release: “Celestial Buddies, the only manufacturer of educational plush toys that depict celestial bodies in our solar system and beyond, will return to Toy Fair this year with all fourteen of its family of Plush Planetary Pals. Leading the way will be the newest Buddy, Polaris, the North Star, which is actually a “trinary,” or three-star, system. Also new to Toy Fair this year is Black Hole, a stuff sack that is capable of holding all of the other thirteen Buddies.”

Celestial Buddies  2018 (1)

“Polaris, the first of the Buddies to be illuminated from within, represents a big step forward for our company. It twinkles like its namesake, thanks to safety-tested, battery-operated LED lights inside its body, controlled by squeezing the on-off button inside Polaris’ left foot (it will also shut off automatically after 20 minutes.) And our Polaris Ab and B, one looking rather sleepy, the other looking like it just woke up, can cling to the supergiant’s hands, thanks to internal magnets.”

Polaris and Lily - Copy

I’m a huge space/science nerd, so it’s actually a shocking surprise that I don’t already own any of these. I really need to get on that. I didn’t know that they released an Eclipse package last year with 2 pairs of viewing glasses, Earth Plush Celestial Buddy, Moon Plush Celestial Buddy, Sun Plush Celestial Buddy, and “Get Eclipsed: The Complete Guide to the American Eclipse,” by Pat and Fred Espenak. How cool?

Anyways, I might end up picking up some of these as they are super adorable, and with the Black Hole able to carry the others, I would have a way to store them… Yeah, I’ll probably be adding these to my universe.

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Toy Fair 2016 ~ Celestial Buddies

I guess it’s lucky that I didn’t plan on going this year, because I came down with a terrible flu bug this past week and wouldn’t really have been able to go/enjoy myself anyways!!

Regardless of my lack of physical presence, I have managed to grab some great information. I’ll share my friends’ pictures of some of the popular booths that you all know and love, but I also want to share some smaller brands that might get overlooked.

The first of these is the Celestial Buddies line. If you haven’t been an avid reader of this blog, let me tell you, I’m a HUGE nerd. I love science and nerdy things, so these plushies are RIGHT up my alley! According to their press release: “With designs inspired by the marvelous photos sent back to earth by the New Horizons Space Probe last summer, Pluto and Charon, like all the Celestial Buddies, come with an educational hang tag containing vital statistics and fun facts about these newest Plush Planetary Pals. Moreover, because of their binary characteristics, our Pluto and Charon are “joined at the hip” by hidden magnets and are being sold as a set at $13.99 wholesale with an MSRP of $27.99. Pluto, with a sideways “P” for a mouth and the heart-shaped “Tombaugh Regio” formation first seen in the New Horizons photos, and Charon, with its “Mordor” on top, are sure to be a hit with toddlers, astronomers and everyone in between.”
Celestial Buddies Pluto and Charon

These must be the new plushies, because the website lists all of the planets, the sun, and a comet figure as well. Prices range from $21.99 to $29.99. I will totally be in contact with these guys to see if we can’t do a review of these adorable plushies! What do you think? Are you interested in planetary plushies?
Website: celestialbuddies.com

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