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This SDCC Reveal Has Us Seeing Red:Ever After High™ Cerise Wolf™

Posted on mattycollector.com on June 4th, 2014
By Tara Z.

We ran over the river and through the woods to bring you another San Diego Comic-Con reveal that we hope is just right…

Ever After High™ Cerise Wolf™

Ever After High Cerise WolfAccording to the fairytale, Red Riding Hood is a wide-eyed, carefree girl. Yet there’s something different about her daughter, Cerise. Ever the mysterious lone wolf, Cerise wondered, “What if I didn’t have to follow in my mother’s footsteps? What if I could let the world know my family secret? What if….

Here’s how to get this figure for your own collection!

MattyCollector.com Voucher Sale 6/23

Before SDCC, pre-order at MattyCollector.com and pick upONLY at SDCC:

  • 6/23 at 8 a.m. PT Early Access (Club Eternia® subscribers only)
  • 6/24 at 9 a.m. PT All Access (open to everyone if not sold out in Early Access)

San Diego Comic-Con 7/23

  • During SDCC, purchase at the Mattel booth at SDCC 7/23-7/27

MattyCollector.com SDCC After-Party 8/4

After SDCC, order through MattyCollector.com for shipment domestically and internationally at our SDCC After Party sale:

  • 8/4 at 8 a.m. PT Early Access (Club Eternia® subscribers only)
  • 8/5 at 9 a.m. PT All Access (open to everyone if not sold out in Early Access).
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Ever After High San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusive Cerise Wolf Doll

The Ever After High Facebook and Instagram accounts have been posting close-up photos of a new doll with the hashtag #SDCC2014

tumblr_n6lzf37pE41toaefeo1_1280What if the time has come to step out in a hexcellent new look… starting with some big bad #shoes#EverAfterHigh#SDCC2014

tumblr_n6lzf37pE41toaefeo2_1280“Imagine if you could unlock another world of wicked possibilities by changing your destiny!”

tumblr_n6m5xpXQ3W1rvt806o1_1280Facebook: It’s time for me to follow my heart! I need to to rewrite my own story! No more riding in the shadows! #EverAfterHigh #CeriseWolf #SDCC2014
Instagram: Cerise is rewriting her destiny & embracing her legacy as the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf! #EverAfterHigh #CeriseWolf#SDCC2014

10300647_751685811537632_4782562874543198699_n Dying to get your paws on the new Cerise Wolf doll? Head over to Matty Collector to learn more about the San Diego @Comic-Con! http://spellbind.in/CWolfSDCC14

10446647_751619648210915_1605508566093098079_nTalk about flipping the script! Cerise has decided to follow her fathers legacy instead of her mothers. Goodbye Cerise Hood, Hello Cerise Wolf! Cerise Wolf will be available at San Diego @Comic-Con


I’m thinking this is great news that the Ever After High line is doing well enough that Mattel is going to invest in an SDCC Exclusive.

Comic Con is July 24-27, so you’ve got some time to save you pennies. If you want to pre-order a doll (via eBay or whatever) your 45-day window (to make a PayPal claim in case they aren’t honest people) should begin around June 7.

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