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3D Printing and Sewing

I’ve been having fun on Instagram chatting with people and making friends there. I got into an interesting conversation with @kuru.kurumi about 3D printed weapons. Check them out: Continue reading

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Ever After High Birthday Ball Review

A friend of mine posted the DPCI for the Birthday Ball dolls online (086-14-0437). Turns out, the Target on the far side of town had these in stock, so I rushed out in the rain to grab them!
Birthday Ball

Read my full review of both Cedar Wood and Rosabella Beauty in the new Birthday Bash line: Continue reading

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Tri-Castle-On 3 Pack from Target.com

Have you seen this awesome 3-Pack?
I grabbed this set the minute I saw it online, and it was delivered today.

I want to get pictures posted tonight, but it probably isn’t going to happen. I’m going out of town tomorrow until Saturday. The 3-Pack DOES come with stands, a black base for Hunter, silver for Cerise, and gold for Lizzie. They also come with one bookmark that basically gives the three characters’ perspective on the Tri-Castle-On, which basically just sounds like field day or something. Lizzie’s still homesick, Cerise is still hiding her identify, and Hunter is still proud to be a Huntsman. It doesn’t do much for world-building or character additions, but it’s cute. I’ll post it when I post the photos.

Do you plan on getting the 3-Pack?

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Ever After High First Chapter Dolls: UPDATE

Okay, if you want the dolls I posted about here, then DO NOT order them right now from Amazon. I ordered the Apple doll and got the ORIGINAL box Apple White with the non-faded eyebrows. I sent a strongly worded note to Amazon asking for the correct doll that I ordered, but I imagine that won’t amount to anything. Apple is going back to Amazon on Monday…. Ugh….

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Ever After High First Chapter Dolls

Have you seen these “First Chapter” dolls that Amazon is posting? They are a collection of Apple White, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter. The only new thing about them, though, is their facial mold is different. They are smiling!

The dolls can be found on Amazon here: Apple White, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter.

I’ve ordered the Apple White doll to see if they really do have these facial molds, or if this is a change that might be coming. She is expected to arrive on Saturday, so I’ll let you know what I get!

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