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Inner Monster Mood Packs

The Inner Monster dolls are everywhere! Toot’s Toys has them in-stock. Target and Toys R Us stores across the U.S. are getting the Inner Monster dolls in stock. Amazon keeps popping them up every now-and-then. I’ll be honest. I bought one doll from Amazon thinking I’d be okay with just that one. I purchased what I thought was the blue doll. I don’t know their names, so I ordered by picture. Well…. blue isn’t what I got. Mattel must have sent out the wrong stock photos attached to “Spooky Sweet ‘n Frightfully Fierce” and “Scared Silly ‘n Shockingly Shy.” I say that because Target’s website had the same issue. Amazon has fixed it (since I complained) but still. I ordered what I thought was Blue and ended up with Orange. So back to Amazon I go and order the other two dolls I was missing, because why not?!

Enter Toot’s Toys who recently got the Mood Packs in-stock. I figure “You’ve already ordered all three dolls, why not order all three mood packs?!” And they came in today! I’m super excited to share these details of the Mood Packs with you:  Continue reading

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Monster High ~ Toy Fair ~ Atamii

Beautiful photo from atamaii on Instagram of the new Inner Monster doll

Atamaii presents MH

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