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Cerise Hood Legacy Day Review

Cerise Hood. Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood (and the Big Bad Wolf). You can easily see both motifs in her Legacy Day design.
Legacy Day Cerise Hood
This is a beautiful doll and I can’t wait to share her with you!
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Legacy Day Madeline Hatter Review

I’m going to be very honest with you. Madeline Hatter is my least favorite character. Shocking, I know. She’s a fan favorite and everyone loves her. If I weren’t determined to collect every EAH doll, I’d probably pass on many of hers. Including this one. (Please also forgive my terrible photography. My white background in my new lightbox just doesn’t like me)
So! Let’s get to this! Maddie! The character everyone loves!
Legacy Day Madeline Hatter
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Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella Review

When I heard that Mattel was doing a Wave 2 of Legacy Day, I was most excited about the Ashlynn Ella doll. When promotional pictures came out, I was so disappointed.

Seriously? Look at that dress!
Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella
This was my face when I saw the first images of the doll:

Nevertheless, I was still excited to get another Ashlynn doll. I could get more Ashlynn without having to rehome all of those Hunter dolls. When Toot’s Toys had Ashlynn and the other Legacy Day Wave 2 dolls up, I jumped at the chance to own another Ashlynn. While she may not be the doll I wanted, she is still very beautiful. Check out my full review:

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Amazon lists Legacy Day Wave 2

Amazon has listings for Ashlynn Ella, Cerise Hood, and Madeline Hatter in their Legacy Day outfits. Check out the photos below!! Continue reading

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New Shoes found on taobao

These shoes have been found on taobao (a Chinese website similar to eBay, we see lots of pre-release info here) and they are already causing a stir.


See more below:
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