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I lied…. new EAH Doll Reviews coming

Thanks to the amazing folks at Toot’s Toys, we recently acquired an Alistar doll and our Rosabella Beauty doll is in the mail! We’ve also picked up Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire. I owe you guys tons of photos! I promise we will get those out soon. As we have Alistar, Lizzie, and Kitty in-hand right now, do you have a preference as to who you’d like to see first?

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Lizzie Hearts ~ Spring Unsprung ~ Playset and Doll Review

Phew! It has been awhile! How has everyone been?! I don’t even think I know how to do a review anymore! But it is finally that time of year! Where new dolls are coming out just before Christmas!

The first doll to hit is the Lizzie Hearts Spring Unsprung doll.
Lizzie Hearts - Spring Unsprung
“Lizzie Hearts is bringing her Wonderland style to Spring Fairest. Inside her dorm room, Lizzie gets fairest for the party in an outfit she designed herself! Then it’s off to the spellebration when the Well of Wonder unhexpectedly appears. What a Wonderlandiful surprise for Lizzie and her friends!”
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I’ve always wanted a short Blondie doll. I was so disappointed when she came out that she wasn’t short, too. When Lizzie came out, I was so excited! Here is my chance!
Body Swap
My Lizzie is now “normal” sized and I have a Shortie Lockes!

After shouting OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! and making the swap, I had a great afternoon trying clothes on my new Lizzie Hearts! Click the thumbnails below to check out the photos!:

I made that black/white dress. I found the fabric in the remnant bin yesterday at JoAnn’s Fabrics. It was fate! The stockings are from thedaughterwhosews on etsy. I made the little black dress that she is wearing in the other photo (available here). The red skirt is from hauntcouture on etsy. My friend crocheted the little red bikini for me.

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Lizzie Hearts! She’s here!

I need a little cheerleader icon right now! I’m cheering away! Lizzie Hearts has come to play! And no, that’s not Riddlish!
Lizzie Hearts

Check out more photos an in-depth coverage: Continue reading

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Ever After High Lizzie Hearts doll first images

The Ever After High website allows you to create a personalized dorm room, and a recent addition to this feature are stock images of the dolls. They released these images of all of the current dolls AND LIZZIE!

What do you think? Isn’t she adorable?! I can’t wait to see more photos of her! Remember, this is the promotional/prototype photo. She will change between now and her release, all of the dolls have.

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