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Maddie 17-inch doll ~ Mattelshop.com


The 17-inch Maddie that was leaked yesterday has made her way to the Mattelshop.

Ever After High®™ Madeline Hatter™ Large Scale Doll

Item #: DMW62
At 17 inches, this gorgeous doll offers fableous detail in an extra-large size.
Dressed in her iconic outfit, fans of Ever After High™ will love telling tall tales with this colorful teenage daughter of a fairytale legend.
Stands 17 inches tall!
Package size: 17“ Tall, 10“ Wide

I was so hoping that more dolls would be made on this scale, but right now, it is only Maddie that is listed. PLEASE MATTEL! DON’T STOP THERE! We need more of these larger dolls!

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Legacy Day Madeline Hatter Review

I’m going to be very honest with you. Madeline Hatter is my least favorite character. Shocking, I know. She’s a fan favorite and everyone loves her. If I weren’t determined to collect every EAH doll, I’d probably pass on many of hers. Including this one. (Please also forgive my terrible photography. My white background in my new lightbox just doesn’t like me)
So! Let’s get to this! Maddie! The character everyone loves!
Legacy Day Madeline Hatter
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Madeline Hatter Hat-tastic Tea Party playset stock photos

OMG! How adorable are these? I have no idea what the original source for these are, but I found them on ‘s tumblr. Check them out: Continue reading

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Amazon lists Legacy Day Wave 2

Amazon has listings for Ashlynn Ella, Cerise Hood, and Madeline Hatter in their Legacy Day outfits. Check out the photos below!! Continue reading

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Legacy Day Wave 2 ~ Ashlynn, Maddie, and Cerise

My friend, joey from the MH Arena received these dolls in the mail today. He pre-ordered them from amazon.ca and they suprisingly arrived today! He says “I’m an nib collector so I can’t really compare them by touch. I think they’re great and Maddie is probably my favourite!” He did snap a few photos for me, and he has agreed to give us the first look! Check them out: Continue reading

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