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Project MC2 – Adrienne Attoms

I was so excited to see the Project MC2 (MC-squared) dolls at my Toys R Us today! I know that it is Bratz release day, so I was anxious to see all of them, but more excited to find that my TRU had a fresh case of these gals! Money is super tight right now because we are in the final stretch of saving for our house (SO CLOSE!), so I couldn’t buy all four. (Retail at TRU: $24.99) I did manage to come home with Adrienne Attoms. My good friend Veni Vidi Dolli on flickr ended up purchasing the other three dolls. You can see her review of them on her flickr.

Project MC2 - Adrienne Attoms

This is Adrienne. Continue reading

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The Vi and Va line of dolls from MGA

Greetings everyone! I’ve got several great reviews scheduled for this week and we are going to start them off with the new line of dolls from MGA Entertainment: Vi and Va. The boxes state “Viviana & Valentina are Vi and Va! Two sisters and best friends with their cousins Felicia and Roxxi. Everyday is an adventure and a reason to celebrate the bond of family and friendship”

The Vi and Va line is exclusive to Target. My store has had the “Activity” dolls and the Birthday dolls for awhile. The two activity dolls are individually packaged Vi or Va dolls with plastic accessories that allow girls to create flower hair accessories for the Va doll or stamp and create fashions for the Vi doll. The Birthday set is a 2-pack of both Va and Vi celebrating their 15th and 16th birthdays (respectively). My Target has also had the four fashion packs for some time. It was just this weekend that we finally got the four basic dolls. Roxxi, Felicia, and Valentina jumped into my arms and begged to come home with me. Viviana said she could wait for another day. The following post will be FULL of photos and a full write-up of each of these three dolls and their fashion pack (each sold separately). Continue reading

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