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It’s Toy Fair Time!

It’s been two years since I attended New York Toy Fair and while I didn’t miss it much last year, I definitely miss it this year. Few bloggers cover all the dolls that I saw. There are so many emerging market dolls or dolls that aren’t so mainstream.

Like My Ballerina Dolls. I LOVED meeting those guys in 2015. Did you know they came out with with that prince doll? Yeah! And they also released a Snow Queen doll last year, too! This year at Toy Fair they announced THE MOST ADORABLE DOLL ever. Look at her:

This is the Dew Drop Fairy. I have no idea how tall she is in comparison to the other dolls (they are huge!) If you want more information, you’ll have to head to the @myballerinadolls Instagram, because I haven’t seen anyone covering these awesome dolls.

I’ll add more Toy Fair coverage as I hear from other sources or find information via social media from the companies themselves, but I’m interested to hear from you guys about this new My Ballerina Doll. Will she be on your watch list?

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Clara Marie – My Ballerina Dolls

OMG! You may remember that we did a photoset of the newest dolls at Toy Fair called My Ballerina Dolls. I am so excited to bring you this exclusive review of the My Ballerina Dolls Dream Clara Marie doll! She is so beautiful! Even though we aren’t fully moved in, yet, I had to drop everything and bring you this review! She has to be one of my top picks for this holiday season. She is a LARGE doll (as large as my Smart Doll Kizuna). I think she is a MUST HAVE!

If you want a Clara Marie doll of your own, make sure to go check out http://www.myballerinadolls.com/products/ to grab one! I can’t wait to go add the Party Dress to my Clara Marie doll!

Here is a massive photo set of this doll: Continue reading

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My Ballerina Dolls ~ The Nutcracker Collection

Meet the My Ballerina Dolls. These dolls are designed by an actual ballerina and are fully articulated so that they can strike the dramatic ballet poses. There are three dolls scheduled for the line-up: Dream Clara Marie, Nutcracker Prince, and Party Clara Marie. There is also a book scheduled to come out that retells the story just a little bit. The Nutcracker will take on a new identity to reflect the younger audience for these dolls.
My Ballerina Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2015
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