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The Slow Season

Hey everyone! I know it’s been super slow lately. I hate this time of year from like January until April/May when we have NO new dolls on the shelves. I mean, we got DC SuperHero Girls last month and I know I still need to review them, and probably a whole host of other stuffs that people keep angrily messaging me about (I promise I’ll get to Dragon Games someday.)

In the downtime, I’ve picked up Pokemon again. I was 10-years old in 1996 when Pokemon first came out in Japan. Shortly after its release in America (I was in middle school), we started playing the video games and collecting/playing with the cards. I was an obsessed little girl back then and now I’m an obsessed woman with money to spare. So….. Pokemon plushies and cards are totally what I’ve been wasting my money on since there are literally no. dolls. to. buy. UGH! So if you see some Pokemon plushie posts here or on my Youtube, that’s what’s going on. Also, I really really like playing the trading card game, so I’ve been buying cards like a crazy woman. Seriously…. it’s a bad addiction. So if I start adding booster openings to my Youtube channel, don’t unsubscribe. I promise I haven’t given up on dolls and other toys. ^.^

For the 20th anniversary, Pokemon is releasing these limited edition plushies. You can see photos and a full list here. I am collecting all of these and I might do a collection post soon. I’m up-to-date with February (Mew), March (Celebi), and April (Jirachi). They look super cute and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection.

They are also doing these pin boxes that contain two booster packs of OMG great cards. Seriously, Generations boosters are worth the extra money. I’ve gotten some great pulls. I’ll show you the pins when I do a Pokemon collection update. (Don’t worry. I won’t show you all my cards…. ain’t nobody got time for that!)

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