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Project MC2 Experiment Dolls

I’ve seen the newest wave of the Project MC2 Dolls with experiments floating around Instagram and I really want one! I just don’t know WHO I want. Amazon has three of them for pre-order with order being filled as early as August 1.

In case you haven’t been stalking them, yet, let me introduce you to: Adrienne Attom’s Lemon Soap

Ember’s Fairy Wing Earrings

AND McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo

I honestly don’t know which doll to get. I’m thinking it’s going to be Adrienne because I have almost everyone of her dolls. She is just adorable and I love her glasses that most of her dolls come with. I’ve spent *a little too much* money on dolls lately and I need to make sure I can pay my mortgage payment…. but! never fear! I’m sure that Adrienne will be on her way to me at some point. I just need to make sure I have a house to ship her to ^.^

Do you collect the Project MC2 dolls? Are you excited for any of these? There are at least two more dolls in this line, but they aren’t on Amazon yet. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and I’ll let you know when/if I get one.

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Project MC2 – Adrienne Attoms

I was so excited to see the Project MC2 (MC-squared) dolls at my Toys R Us today! I know that it is Bratz release day, so I was anxious to see all of them, but more excited to find that my TRU had a fresh case of these gals! Money is super tight right now because we are in the final stretch of saving for our house (SO CLOSE!), so I couldn’t buy all four. (Retail at TRU: $24.99) I did manage to come home with Adrienne Attoms. My good friend Veni Vidi Dolli on flickr ended up purchasing the other three dolls. You can see her review of them on her flickr.

Project MC2 - Adrienne Attoms

This is Adrienne. Continue reading

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