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3D KitBash’s Quin: To Infinity!

Upgrade kit for Quin on Kickstarter Go check this out! Quin is the 3D printable doll and this Kickstarter is for upgrades for her! I’ve already donated to get them all! Check it out:

I’m so excited for these! There are some stretch rewards, too that would be so awesome!

I really want these! Go check out the Kickstarter page and pledge!

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Quin’s New Hands

3DKitbash has released a new set of hands for Quin on thingiverse. Because my printer has been offline lately (stupid broken extruder) I just now got a chance to print these out. These are fists, but I chose not to give her both. The new pegs allow for the switch-out with ease and allow the hands/arms to rotate so you can see all that great detailing.

2014-03-10 21.43.44

The only thing on my Quin wishlist is articulated wrists. You have no idea how much that one thing can change the expression of a doll.


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Experimenting with Quin

I got a message this afternoon from Quincy saying he’d been playing printing Quin and had decided to try her at 200%. Here is the video he’s posted about it. Ah the joys of 3D printing :)

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New Arm Pegs for Quin

When we printed Quin according to the recommendations of 3dkitbash, I still had a problem with the arm pegs. They printed too small and fragile for me to even insert them into one arm part, my less both. They always broke. The attachments looked just like the functional leg attachments. They are similar to a tiny “x,” I referred to them as “chromosome-shaped.”

My amazing husband took to the 3D modeling and fashioned a set of pegs that might work better. These pegs look more like “pegs.” They allow for rotational motion of the arms as well as a firm fit that audibly “clicks” into place. He has now posted these pegs to thingiverse.com in the event that anyone else runs across the same problem.

Check them out.

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More Quin stuffs

…because why not? I’m seriously loving this doll! I think we’ve gotten the problems with the arm pegs all figured out (knock on wood) and she is just amazing! After hearing that Barbie items fit her the best (and seeing that Target had a sale) I rushed over after work to get something for my naked gal! Want to see the results?

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