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Ever After High Birthday Ball Review

A friend of mine posted the DPCI for the Birthday Ball dolls online (086-14-0437). Turns out, the Target on the far side of town had these in stock, so I rushed out in the rain to grab them!
Birthday Ball

Read my full review of both Cedar Wood and Rosabella Beauty in the new Birthday Bash line: Continue reading

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Rosabella Beauty ~ Ever After High Doll Review

Long story short, Rosabella is here today and Kizuna isn’t.

Long story… not made short… The tracking on Rosabella originally had her scheduled to be here on Friday. Then it updated and said Saturday. Imagine my surprise when she was delivered today!! Awesome! On another note, My Smart Doll, Kizuna, had a delivery attempt today, and I now have to wait until I get a free moment tomorrow to go get her. At least she’s here….

Okay, sorry. Let’s get to Rosabella and her Beauty, because she really is a BEAUTIFUL doll!
Rosabella Beauty

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I lied…. new EAH Doll Reviews coming

Thanks to the amazing folks at Toot’s Toys, we recently acquired an Alistar doll and our Rosabella Beauty doll is in the mail! We’ve also picked up Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire. I owe you guys tons of photos! I promise we will get those out soon. As we have Alistar, Lizzie, and Kitty in-hand right now, do you have a preference as to who you’d like to see first?

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