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Comic Con Reveals ~ And they start! (Wednesday Overload!)

From @MonsterHigh on Twitter:
Two of #MonsterHigh’s beast are ready to resurrect! Set your iCoffin alarms, the reveal is coming soon! #SDCC2014
And the text from the Monster High Facebook Page:
“This scare-cute couple will have you screaming que fangtastique! Sneak back soon for another lurk inside the coffin at these terrorific transfer students! #SDCC2014″

Twitter: Nothing says “made for each other” like coordinating accessories! Come back soon for a #MonsterHigh reveal! #SDCC2014
Facebook: They might live monstrously far apart, but their relationship is as solid as a rock! You won’t have to go as far as Scaris to learn who this duo is, just creep back in a bit! #SDCC2014

Don’t go all rocks and pebbles on us! Rochelle Goyle and Garrott du Roque are finally ready to reveal their beast selves to the Monster High masses! This clawesome couple is coming soon to @ToysRUs.‪#‎SDCC2014‬

All of the following photos are credited to @MHInsider on tumblr:

Manny is giant!

From  on tumblr:

From Ever After High on Facebook: Cerise’s San Diego Comic-Con chapter is just beginning, but this first fierce look is already speaking volumes! #SDCC2014



I have no idea who to source this to. I found it on Facebook:

I found these in a Facebook group. I’m pretty sure these were reposted on that group, so I don’t know the original source:

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