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Thronecoming Apple White doll review

I chose Apple White to review next, because I thought it would be nice to keep the Royals together.
Thronecoming Apple White
Apple White is such a breath-taking doll. Check out more: Continue reading

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Ever After High Thronecoming Blondie Lockes doll review

When I heard that Toot’s Toys was getting in a shipment of Thronecoming dolls, I jumped at the chance to own these four beautiful dolls! I placed my pre-order last Monday and the dolls shipped the day Toot’s Toys received them (Friday). This review is for the Thronecoming Blondie Lockes doll, my absolute favorite and my vote for Thronecoming Queen! #TeamBlondie!
Thronecoming Blondie Lockes
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Thronecoming Dolls from Time to Play Mag

The Time to Play Mag instagram account has uploaded two new photos of the Thronecoming Blondie Lockes and C.A. Cupid dolls. I am all about that Blondie doll! GIMME! Right now! Team Blondie!

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Anyways, here are the photos:

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Thronecoming Dolls in Box photos from Time to Play Mag!

I’m having little girl fits over here! Time to Play Mag has posted in-box photos of the Ever After High Thronecoming dolls on their instagram! Look how beautiful they are!! So far it is only Apple and Raven, but I’m in love!

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New Shoes found on taobao

These shoes have been found on taobao (a Chinese website similar to eBay, we see lots of pre-release info here) and they are already causing a stir.


See more below:
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