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New Ever After High art stuffs

I’ve been meaning to get the watercolor set. I already own the ribbon bracelet set, and I’m excited to see more of this stuff!

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Ever After High Thronecoming Shoes!

We’ve already seen Cupid’s Thronecoming shoes, but what about the other girls? The great lady from “mommyandgracieshow” on tumblr and youtube posted their video of Toy Fair [see here] and she peaked at the shoes!

Blondie's TC Shoes

Apples TC Shoes

Raven's TC Shoes


What do you think? Uh-mazing?! Right?

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Mystixx Dolls ~ Toy Fair 2014

I have been the biggest fan of the Mystixx dolls. These are the dolls that have two faces and can change between a “normal” girl face to a vampire, zombie, or grimm monster face. The dolls have wigs that allow their hair to turn with the head, as well as giving the doll options for her hair color and style. The idea behind these dolls is pretty neat. You can see some of my Mystixx dolls here.

Anyways, the purpose of this post was to talk about the new Mystixx dolls from New York Toy Fair 2014. These images come to us from http://toyfair14.asmzine.com/
Let’s just get to the images:

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Cedar Wood ~ In-Box Photos from Toy Fair

These photos come to us courtesy of sweetsunnyb on tumblr. How amazing is Cedar?!

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Ever After High ~ Toy Fair Video

There really isn’t much new here. The Mattel rep talks a little about the Thronecoming special and that the dresses are inspired by the character’s pets. Anyways, check it out! Thanks again to atamaii for this great intel!

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