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Toy Fair 2016 ~ Sew Science

I found this in my press release information and I was excited about them! Here is what the press release says: “Sew Science is the super cute way to teach kids about electricity and circuits. These crafty DIY electronics kit contains everything kids need to create a snuggly family of light-up plushies. Create a trio of forest friends with Cuddly Critters or a quirky robot family with GloBots. The circuit is complete when the family holds hands, making the plushies glow. Each Sew Science kit comes with a plastic needle and precut felt pieces to stitch together, making assembly easy, safe, and fun. Sew Science kits also include the LED lights, batteries and conductive thread needed to complete the circuit. Sew Science is a super cute way to teach kids about electricity and circuits, and makes STEAM learning fun.

When the trio hold hands, the circuit is complete and the plushies glow!
Each kit includes 4 sewable LED lights, heart-shaped battery holder with 2 lithium batteries, 3 meters conductive thread, 4 die-cut felt squares, 3 sets of snaps, 8 meters embroidery thread, 1 plastic sewing needle, 1 oz stuffing, pamphlet
STEM Focus: Electronics & Art
For ages 8 and up”

I think I might be picking these up because the end product is kinda cute! I like the Cuddly Critters set the most. If nothing else, it would be a great relaxing thing to do one Saturday afternoon. What do you think?

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Toy Fair 2016 ~ Celestial Buddies

I guess it’s lucky that I didn’t plan on going this year, because I came down with a terrible flu bug this past week and wouldn’t really have been able to go/enjoy myself anyways!!

Regardless of my lack of physical presence, I have managed to grab some great information. I’ll share my friends’ pictures of some of the popular booths that you all know and love, but I also want to share some smaller brands that might get overlooked.

The first of these is the Celestial Buddies line. If you haven’t been an avid reader of this blog, let me tell you, I’m a HUGE nerd. I love science and nerdy things, so these plushies are RIGHT up my alley! According to their press release: “With designs inspired by the marvelous photos sent back to earth by the New Horizons Space Probe last summer, Pluto and Charon, like all the Celestial Buddies, come with an educational hang tag containing vital statistics and fun facts about these newest Plush Planetary Pals. Moreover, because of their binary characteristics, our Pluto and Charon are “joined at the hip” by hidden magnets and are being sold as a set at $13.99 wholesale with an MSRP of $27.99. Pluto, with a sideways “P” for a mouth and the heart-shaped “Tombaugh Regio” formation first seen in the New Horizons photos, and Charon, with its “Mordor” on top, are sure to be a hit with toddlers, astronomers and everyone in between.”
Celestial Buddies Pluto and Charon

These must be the new plushies, because the website lists all of the planets, the sun, and a comet figure as well. Prices range from $21.99 to $29.99. I will totally be in contact with these guys to see if we can’t do a review of these adorable plushies! What do you think? Are you interested in planetary plushies?
Website: celestialbuddies.com

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Edwin The Duck

One of the many great companies that agreed to share a press kit with us this year was Edwin The Duck!
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.03.37 PM

According to the press release:
Edwin is a toy with personality designed educate and entertain. Utilizing a companion app, children control Edwin on screen with a tap of the rubber duck toy. Edwin is more than a rubber duck; Edwin is a smart duck. Just like classic rubber ducks, Edwin is bright yellow, he floats, he is waterproof, and kids love him. However, Edwin can also interact with smart devices, read stories, sing lullabies, turn into a night light, and play a child’s favorite music. He is equipped with a waterproof speaker inside, colorful LED lights, and his very own charging nest.

He is now available for purchase at Best Buy and Apple. His approximate price is $99.99

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New York Toy Fair 2016

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend New York Toy Fair 2016. We’ve had some (personal) things come up and we just won’t be able to attend. We’ve contacted lots of companies, though, and are collecting press kits and media releases to share with you. More will be coming as we get closer to the fair. We will also share photos we find on social media (with proper credit, of course) so that you can just stop here to get all of your Toy Fair news :)

Happily, most companies have agreed to keep in contact with us and retain us on their lists for 2017! We are for sure going in 2017, come hell or high water :)

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