The other 3D prints of today

Our 3D printer was very busy this afternoon. First I printed a throne for my Apple White doll. I found the model on thingiverse; it was supposed to be a holder for an iPhone, but it works perfectly for Apple White. We also printed a revolutionary new Monster High stand as well as the clip for the MH boys. Check them out below the cut:

Here is the throne for Apple White:
Apple White's New Throne
Apple White's New Throne

And here is the MH Boy stand clip (I got a little zealous when I made the height….)
MH Boy Stand Clip

And here is that revolutionary new stand I was telling you about. It isn’t a stand at all, but a clip that sits on your wall so your ghouls don’t take up any space on your shelves! They hang on the walls!
MH Wall Mount

I’m so excited about this! Look how awesome Spectra looks hanging from it!
Spectra Flies!
Spectra Flies!
Spectra Flies!

My whole apartment is going to be flying Spectras soon :)

What do you think? I will probably be offering the wall-mount stands on my etsy soon. I’ll let you know, so you can go check them out!

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