The Unfairest of Them All

I am the biggest fan of Ever After High. The second book in the Ever After High series by Shannon Hale came out today. I set an alarm and went out at 8 AM this morning (and on my Spring Break, too!) to get the book. I don’t want to publish spoilers, but I will let you know, there are some questions the second book answers:

  • How can a character who is supposed to die live on to have children? (PG 119)
  • Are Sleeping Beauty and the Beauty from Beauty and the Beast related? (PG 93)
  • Are Cerise Hood and Sparrow Hood related? (PG 75)
  • Who does everyone think Cerise’s father really is? (PG 74)
  • What magical powers does Lizzie Hearts have? (PG 268-269)
  • Who is the most powerful sorceress in all of Ever After? (PG 161)
  • What is Fairy Ball? (PG 230)

You’ve got to read The Unfairest of Them All! It’s a really great book with lots of interaction between Apple and Raven and all of the other characters we’ve grown to love!

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