Thronecoming Apple White doll review

I chose Apple White to review next, because I thought it would be nice to keep the Royals together.
Thronecoming Apple White
Apple White is such a breath-taking doll. Check out more:

Thronecoming Apple White
Like Blondie, Apple’s box features a castle/alcove background on the front along with her name. The spine of her book features her traditional art that has been updated for her Thronecoming look. While the art normally features Apple holding a book, this time she is holding her mask and her other arm is just limp.

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple talks about choosing the fairest animal in the entire Enchanted Forest as her inspiration for this outfit. Forget that her pet is a snow fox. Naw.

Thronecoming Apple White
I forgot to post this for Blondie, but the back of the boxes feature a small story about Thronecoming and its theme, Enchanted Forest Masquerade.

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple’s bookmark features the same story as the other four girls, but she has outlined her part in red. Her personal part features her dress. I’m glad she found someone to make it, because her dress is absolutely beautiful!

Now on to the doll!
Thronecoming Apple White
Each Thronecoming doll features some special make-up. Apple has little white sparkles? Flowers? Stars? I’m not sure what those white things are supposed to be?

Thronecoming Apple WhiteThronecoming Apple White
Apple has symmetrical earrings that feature a gold bow with golden dangles. They look like they would be heavy!
Also, notice Apple’s beautiful strands of hair that comes down framing her face. I was super lucky (THANKS TOOT’S TOYS!) that my Apple has wonderful curls. Be careful deboxing yours! It is very easy to mess them up. (I’ll show you what I mean on my Cupid review)

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple’s hair is so incredibly soft! I just can’t stop touching it! That tinsel doesn’t ruin the feeling, either. It is such nice quality that it doesn’t cause that rough texture you are used to with tinsel.

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple’s dress has a rather plain top. The tops is strapless and white. She wears a red collar that attaches to her belt. Her white (faux) fur wrap is a separate piece.

Thronecoming Apple White
This view allows you to better see what is part of the dress’s top and what is separate. The white elastic you see is for the fur shrug.

Thronecoming Apple WhiteThronecoming Apple White
Apple’s skirt has four layers, just like she wanted. The top layer is sheer with golden print. This is the layer to which her two black bows are sewn. The next layer is the yellow/gold layer that features little fox heads! Next is a sheer layer with little flecks of glitter. The last layer is the solid red layer. The overall effect is just breathtaking.

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple wears simple black heels with a red bow. Don’t tell Blondie, but I like Apple’s heels more.

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple wears a red flower bouquet on her arm. She also wears elbow-length gloves that are a pearlescent white. Like Blondie, she has a plastic piece at the top that I will be assuming is the tops of her gloves? Those little red bows are too cute!

Thronecoming Apple White
The handle to Apple’s mask is also a little bow!

Thronecoming Apple White
Apple’s mask is inspired by the snow fox, but it is the least obvious of the four character masks. Her bag is the most obvious fox-inspired. It is solid plastic and does not open.

Thronecoming Apple White
And that is Apple White! She has become quite the controversial character lately. People have very strong feelings about her. For me, those feelings are strongly positive. I relate to Apple more than any character I’ve ever met. Ever. This doll lives up to the Apple White hype. She is just beautiful and a very nice addition to my collection! I can’t believe this is a playline doll. She is intricate enough to have been a collector’s doll or some sort of exclusive or special doll!

I’m still #TeamBlondie for Thronecoming Queen, but if I weren’t, Apple would totally have my vote!

A little word of caution – the cases of Thronecoming dolls only have 1 Apple doll for the 6 dolls in the case. If you want her, grab her when you see her!

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14 thoughts on “Thronecoming Apple White doll review”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these reviews and the lovely pictures! I live in Chile and sometimes I have to order my dolls online without the chance to see them in person, and these really help me decide which ones I want the most (I unfortunately can’t get them all).
    You’re the best! <3

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Let me know if there is ever any photos or comparisons you’d like to see that I might miss :)

  2. I feel like the designs on her faceup are apple seeds? They kind of look like the star designs in actual apples…

  3. This Apple is very pretty!

    It’s really strange that Mattel omitted the information about Apple and the other girls having pets in the diaries. I hope Mattel is planning to do something in the future with the pets similar to the Monster High Secret Creepers…but bigger! I really want Raven’s pet dragon. :-)

  4. Awesome review as usually.. And you so lucky to have all of the EAH.. in Europe they still not in stores.. I cant wait to get them.. Hope soon enough they will appear on the shelves..
    I am very sorry to ask – but could you please make compare picture of Blondie Lockes basic one and Apple One Getting Fairest? If possible nude? I am planing on making OOAK and that picture would help me so much..

  5. Hi! I have a question, does that red collar come off the doll? I really want to know that :)
    P. S. Your blog and reviews are amazing! <3

    1. Thank you! That red collar is attached to the piece that goes down her front, but yes, it can detach from the doll. The collar is split in the back and will just slide off.

  6. WOW I love your doll reviews you are perfect! Well I want an opinion. Should I get Legacy day or this Thronecoming apple? I’m only one doll per character collector so I want to choose only one.which doll you recommend?

  7. I bought this exact doll for my daughter and when she tried to have the doll sit, the doll’s legs would not bend at the hips. Is this normal for this doll? There are knee joints and all the other EAH and MH dolls she has are able to sit.

    1. Some of these dolls come with VERY stiff joints. I’d say just continue to work it. Don’t be afraid to put a LITTLE force into it. She’ll probably make a really loud pop noise, but that’s because there are two pieces of plastic inside of the hip joint that has fused and you are breaking them apart.

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