Thronecoming Briar Beauty Doll

Amazon put the Thronecoming Briar Beauty doll and playset up for sale yesterday for $50. My husband recently purchased Amazon Prime for our household, so she was in my hands this afternoon! I will review the doll separately from the playset. (I’ve still got to figure out the best way to photograph this massive playset!)
Thronecoming Briar Beauty

Briar Beauty is such a beautiful doll!

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar wears purple and pink eyeshadow. She has a beautiful pink lipstick. She also has a small star under her right (our left) eye. This pink is lighter than her lipstick, but matches her eyeshadow.
Briar wears earrings in hot pink. The earrings are mirror images of each other. They have unicorns on them with a carousel appearance.

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar has pink and purple strands in the front of her hair. The rest of her hair is brown. She wears a top ponytail with a brown rubber band. She also has a brown rubber band holding her style down, which is actually very attractive.

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar wears a black thorn accessory with silver roses and leaves.

Thronecoming Briar BeautyThronecoming Briar Beauty
The accessory is attached in back in two places.

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Without the accessory, Briar’s dress is easier to see. The dress is one-piece with a plain pink top. The style of the dress is strapless, but the dress features clear straps to avoid any accidents while Briar gets her hexcellent party going. The skirt portion of the dress contains Briar’s signature thorns on a background of pink/purple/white. The skirt also features a small pink frill on the top.

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar wears black gloves (painted arms) like her other Royal friends. She has two silver rose accessories that I suppose are supposed to act as glove toppers. These are NOT rubberbanded to her, unlike the other Royal Thronecoming dolls. Be careful not to lose them, as one of mine went flying across my porch when taking these photos!

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar’s ring is terribly difficult to photograph, because it is terribly difficult to see in person! I’m almost certain this is supposed to be a unicorn, but the tiny scale makes it difficult to tell.

Thronecoming Briar BeautyThronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar wears no stockings or tights. Her black shoes mirror her rose/thorn motif.

Thronecoming Briar BeautyThronecoming Briar Beauty
Briar’s mask is unicorn themed. It fits over her face very well.

Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Unlike the other Thronecoming dolls, Briar comes with a traditional stand with a clear post and clear clip. The base is silver.

And that’s the Thronecoming Briar Beauty doll! I just had to photograph her today, and my desk is a mess. I hope you don’t mind the outdoor shots.

The doll and playset is currently $50 on Amazon, and I’ve seen reports that she will be $56.99 at Toys R Us.

While I think the doll+playset is worth this price, if you aren’t planning on keeping the playset, or aren’t interested in it, I’m not sure the doll is worth this price. The playset will go on sale at some point, and you should probably wait for that. If you are looking forward to both the doll and playset, then I would say the $50 is worth it.

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3 thoughts on “Thronecoming Briar Beauty Doll”

  1. Hi! Your reviews are awesome! Thanks a lot for beautiful and informative pics!
    And I want to ask you. Can I use your photo and translate the text for my web-site? With a links on you as the author, of course!

  2. This Briar’s so pretty. Her face and hair make me think of 80s dolls. I wish there was more to her outfit, but since she comes with a set, I see why she’d be simpler.

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