Thronecoming Raven Queen doll review

Raven Queen is my last Thronecoming review. I’m kind of sad to be finished with them. These dolls are all very beautiful! I am very happy with my purchase from Toot’s Toys! I know there is a lot of talk around the community about paying more for dolls that will be available at a later date, but I am so impressed by their customer service, fast handling times, and the product that I’ve received. I will continue to do my business with small companies for as long as I can!

How about some Raven Queen?
Thronecoming Raven Queen

Raven Queen is such a dark and beautiful doll to begin with, but the Thronecoming version took this to an entirely new level!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s box art shows her in her typical arms crossed pose, but she had to use one arm to hold her mask. Oh how sassy!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s box tells about picking the dragon as the inspiration behind her outfits. She relates to dragons because they are full of fire, but people run before getting to know them.
Hey! I relate to that a little bit.

Thronecoming Raven Queen
(You may have to click the photo to read)
Raven’s bookmark tells of her desire to have the perfect collar, but not being able to find one, she must craft one herself using magic. With Lizzie and Ashlynn’s help (what an odd trio that must be), Raven makes a custom collar with dragon scales and magic jewels. Dexter (little girl squee) gives her a flower that will counter-curse her magic. All spells will get absorbed into the flower. Awww! Dex, why couldn’t you have helped with that earlier?

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s face has dark and light purple sparkles. Her sparkles look like gems, to me.

I know several people were upset that Raven Queen’s extra make-up was changed so dramatically from this prototype that we saw at Toy Fair:
Thronecoming ~ Toy Fair 2014
I, for one, am VERY happy they changed this design. I don’t know what caused the change, but the prototype looked diseased to me. I wouldn’t want whatever has infested her eyes.

Thronecoming Raven QueenThronecoming Raven Queen
Thronecoming Raven is a beautiful doll! I’ve put her next to her signature doll and her Legacy Day doll for comparison. Her lipstick is the darkest purple we’ve seen on a Raven doll. I love it!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s earrings are not the same on both sides. On her left (my right) earring, it has a chain that goes up her ear, ending in a little cuff. How cute!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Like Cupid, Raven has a second piercing to accommodate this larger earring style. The earrings have stained Raven’s ears black. Her mother should have warned her about cheap jewelry.

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s other earring matches the one on her left, but does not have the chain/cuff detail. Although I am normally a huge fan of symmetry, I really like this!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven wears her hair in an updo that reminds me of Ashlynn’s daily look. She wears a side ponytail similar to her Legacy Day look.
I wasn’t sure in the Toy Fair photos what this thing was. They had it on her plastic piece that showed the accessories. I like it as a hair accessory, but I wonder how practical this would really be? It is completely outshined by her collar and I almost missed it!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Speaking of that collar. Wow! It has the symmetry I love (cough, Legacy Day fail) and is just enough over-the-top to be amazing!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
One down-side to the collar is the back. This thing will not attach to the doll or her dress in any way other than with the rubber bands she is packaged with. If you snip those bands, don’t expect this thing to stay on. Is it magic, Raven?

Thronecoming Raven QueenThronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s dress is a one-piece strapless dress. It has three layers. The top layer is dark purple with silver chevrons that match her eye make-up. (I love matchy-matchy!) The sheer mesh you see next isn’t a separate layer, it is sewn to the hem of this top layer. The next layer is another purple opaque layer with silver print running in dotted lines. The last layer is the black mesh with purple glitter. I don’t know that the purple glitter photographed well, though; the photo makes it look silver in places.

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven wears purple heels with chains and spikes. VERY evil Queen. I like it!

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s flower (from Dexter!) is a purple dahlia. It is attached to her lower arm accessory. She has a matching arm accessory on the other side, but it lacks the flower.

Thronecoming Raven QueenThronecoming Raven Queen
Raven’s mask is dragon-inspired. It only covers half of her face.

Thronecoming Raven Queen
I could not get a good photo of Raven wearing her mask without pushing the mask onto her face. (Please forgive my non-manicured finger)

Thronecoming Raven Queen
Raven also comes with a black purse with silver handle. I like this one so much better than any other purse she has been released with. It is simple and elegant.

And that’s Raven Queen! She is such a dark beauty! If you love her, buy her when you see her! Like Apple, Raven is short-packed in the Thronecoming case assortment.

This Thronecoming is going to be a harsh race! All four dolls are so beautiful! I’m so thrilled to add them all to my collection! The only downside to them will be displaying them. These dresses are so poofy that they require a larger footprint on my shelf so as not to be crushed. I’m already running out of space!

Still #TeamBlondie.

Thronecoming voting isn’t live, yet. You’ve still got plenty of time to pick your favorite (or come over to #TeamBlondie). I will let you know when it is time to vote (for Blondie)

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7 thoughts on “Thronecoming Raven Queen doll review”

  1. See? This is EXACTLY what I meant on my previous comment, these reviews and pictures are SO helpful! I was sure I didn’t want this Raven and now I’m moving her to my top priorities list. She’s gorgeous!
    I for one love the back of her collar; even if it’s hard to hold it in place, it looks like she has dragon wings. I have no idea how I’m gonna display her so her back is showing but I’ll think of something.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank YOU for your kind words! I hate to keep saying this, but Thronecoming is really where it is! If I could only have one Raven, this would be the one!

  2. Ohhh man! I am in love! I’ve always loved your reviews! So many pretty pictures and such detailed explanations, which I absolutely adore! Raven oh Raven! I just can’t! I told myself I wasn’t going to get her cause I wanted to pick up Blondie and Cupid, but then I saw Apple’s review and Raven’s, I may need to get all of them! Raven is soooooo amazingly beautiful! There’s like nothing I don’t like about her! I’m really feeling them cuff earrings! And that dress and collar! I’m so happy they changed her face glitter, the one at Toy Fair was too much, it would have taken away from the beauty! Thank you so much for all of those reviews! I’ve actually read all of the EAH reviews you have, but this is the first time I’ve commented on the website, so I am just going to say thank you again! Oh yeah and Team Blondie!!!

  3. Is she made in China? she seems to have the smaller eyes of china-made dolls, if she is indeed, does she have glue in her head? thank you for the review :)

    1. All of the Thronecoming dolls are made in Indonesia. I squeezed her head a little and it is rather firm. There is probably glue inside there.

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