Toy Fair 2015 ~ What You Won’t See

I feel compelled to make a list of things you aren’t going to see, either on my blog or anyone else’s. The fashion doll industry is a very difficult market; many doll lines and companies just don’t make it. Some others just chose not to show their products for whatever reasons.


I did get the chance to tour the Moose Toys booth, but alas, they brought no Zelfs. The representative from Moose Toys said that because the Zelfs brand is carried exclusively by Toys R Us in the United States, they did not bring the brand. There are rumors floating around that Moose does not intend to carry the Zelfs forward for long, due to the overwhelming success of their Shopkins line, but this representative didn’t think these rumors were justified.


Playmates was present at the fair and I did get a chance to tour their booth, but they only brought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There were no Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls. I didn’t ask the representative about them.



The parent company behind the Mystixx Vampires, Zombies, Grimms, and Rococo Vampires is Playhut. I visited the Playhut booth and asked about the Mystixx line. The representatives there all shook their heads and said that Playhut is not planning on carrying this line any further.



Perhaps the saddest news of the day came from WowWee toys. WowWee is the brand that brings you the robotic toys like MiP, Roboraptor, Robosapien, and Elektrokidz. This was also the brand that created the Once Upon a Zombie line. WAS. When I asked the representative about them, she said that the doll line was a stray from the brand’s core values and they had decided to drop it.


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3 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2015 ~ What You Won’t See”

  1. Oh no, I was collecting Once Upon a Zombie! I was hoping they’d get around to releasing the Alice doll they’d previewed last year (ish?). Ah well. :(

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