Trying my hand at sewing

I’ve never been able to sew. My mother let me borrow her machine (from the 1960’s) and I never could use it. I tried hand sewing doll clothes, and that was a frustrating nightmare. My husband suggested that the problem might now be me, but my equipment. To prove it to me, he bought me a new machine. Guess what? He was right…. I’ve already made several pieces that I just love! Continue Reading to see the photos:

This first (presentable) thing I made was this dress. I made an underskirt of tulle that will cause the dress to be poofy like shown on Blondie, or it is removable so the dress can hang down like on Ashlynn Blue:
My dress
Raye Sews
I made this dress based on Chad Allen’s youtube videos describing “How to Make a Doll Ball Gown” (find it here:)

I then tried my hand with some non-stretch fabric. I used elastic to make this top and skirt. I know this isn’t super fashionable, but it looks like the perfect after-sun dress to wear in the summer.
Raye Sews

The last EAH dress I’ve made is my absolute favorite! Ashlynn is modeling my mermaid-tail dress.
Raye Sews
Raye Sews

And lastly, I attempted to make a mini-sheath dress like many etsy sellers have. I ended up making it too small for the EAH gals, but you can see it fits my Sea Monster CAM, Kappi.
Raye Sews

I also made a shorter skirt that works very well of the mini-dress
Raye Sews

I am having so much fun with my new sewing machine!

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2 thoughts on “Trying my hand at sewing”

  1. I don’t know whether you have a daughter but if you do, she will admire you very much. Dolls’ dresses you made are really beautiful. Congratulations and keep trying.

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